Variety & Rarity


Unique & Hand-Drawn

Collectable Characters, Plants and Pets

ERGnomes are highly creative, fun and original NFTs on the Ergo Platform.

Using $ERG anyone can get their very own ERGnomes, sending them on adventures and trading them with other collectors.

Why are ERGnomes special?

In Series 2, we welcome the Crypto vs Fiat ERGnomes!

Layered Rarity System

Every ERGnome, Pet or Plant is unique, but some are more prized than others! Four base tiers are noted by the background color, and matching accessories are highly prized! Collect a matching set of ERGnome, Pet, Plant!

Character Driven

The characters’ design and descriptions may also suggest what kind of relationship they have with other specific characters, thus giving a further level of depth to the character design.

Fair Distribution

We only allowed 1 ERGnome purchase at a time. All 503 Series 2 Crypto-VS-Fiat ERGnomes will be released with a random allocation and featured simple pricing tiers:
  1. First 150 ERGnomes are 10 $ERG
  2. Next 150 ERGnomes are 12 $ERG
  3. Last 202 ERGnomes are 14 $ERG

Trades are Secure & Automatic

Your NFT is sent during the purchasing process, directly to your $ERG wallet, using a automatic refund mechanism once a series of ERGnomes' sellout
  1. 1. Your $ERG Payment is Sent
  2. 2. Your $ERG Payment Confirms/Refunds
  3. 3. Your ERGnome is Automatically Sent

Series 1

Here's a sample of 100% hand drawn Series 2 ERGnomes!

A total of 503 ERGnomes, Pets & Plants were released in the Series 2 - Crypto vs Fiat

  • Amateur Blockgnome the Cryptominer

    Securing the network and approving transactions, one block at a time.

  • Jerry the PoS Holder

    He holds on to his PoS coins while dreaming of a more decentralized and cleaner world.

  • Dumpo the Bagholder

    Anything he touches ends up dumping, from stocks to precious metals to shitcoins.

  • Chase the IRS Hitman

    He's always looming behind investors' shoulders, ready to blow their gainz.

  • Ciro the Skethcy Loan Shark

    His interest rates are so high he's gonna get yo kids yo wife and yo pizza too.

  • Epoch the Staking Quokka

    Look at that smile. That damn smile. That's the smile of a happy staker.

  • Stableton the Stablecoin Guardian

    He goes by the motto slow and steady wins the passive income.

  • Luc the Trippy NFT Collector

    He spends his happiest days having trippy accidents with his best friend Claud. That's when they make the best NFTs together.

  • Lichnyy the BPSAA Privacyshroom

    His numerous disguises allow him to easily slip away from those who are after his gains.

  • Forexo the Currency Fungus

    Fighting against technical analysis on a daily basis has strenghtened his brain and drained his muscles.

  • Matte the Lending Grandma

    She loves lending her assets to earn passive income while procrastinating with her nephew.

  • Brad the Pump and Dumped Dandelion

    His leaves change colors depending on how well his portfolio is performing.

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