Variety & Rarity


Unique & Hand-Drawn

Collectable Characters, Plants and Pets

ERGnomes are highly creative, fun and original NFTs on the Ergo Platform.

Using $ERG anyone can get their very own ERGnomes, sending them on adventures and trading them with other collectors.

Why are ERGnomes special?

In Series 1, we welcome the trailblazing FrontiERGnomes!

A blend of algorithmically modified hand-drawn art and technology, using Ergo Platform's smart contracts to make this a pioneering NFT Project.

Layered Rarity System

Every ERGnome, Pet or Plant is unique, but some are more prized than others! Four base tiers are noted by the background color, and matching accessories are highly prized! Collect a matching set of ERGnome, Pet, Plant!

Character Driven

The characters’ design and descriptions may also suggest what kind of relationship they have with other specific characters, thus giving a further level of depth to the character design.

Fair Distribution

We only allowed 1 ERGnome purchase at a time. All 477 FrontiERGnomes will be released with a random allocation and featured simple pricing tiers:
  1. First 150 ERGnomes are 4 $ERG
  2. Next 150 ERGnomes are 6 $ERG
  3. Last 177 ERGnomes are 8 $ERG

Trades are Secure & Automatic

Your NFT is sent during the purchasing process, directly to your $ERG wallet, using a automatic refund mechanism once a series of ERGnomes' sellout
  1. 1. Your $ERG Payment is Sent
  2. 2. Your $ERG Payment Confirms/Refunds
  3. 3. Your ERGnome is Automatically Sent

Here's a sample of 100% hand drawn Genesis ERGnomes!

A total of 477 ERGnomes, Pets & Plants were released in the Series 1 - FrontiERGnomes!

  • Amateur Supergnome

    Don't let your fears dwarf you. If you can dream it, you can Supergnome it.

  • Bubba the Dog Instructor

    He's the only one who can handle all the weird ERGnomes dog breeds. Not the cleaniest guest, don't bother inviting him over for dinner.

  • Bulgakov the Inventor

    He gave life to a couple of some not-so-socially-respectable creatures. He had to leave his hometown after one of them set his nan of fire.

  • 2Pegs, the Peg Legged Captaingnome

    His social circle expanded a lot after his friends realized that his hooks made for handy clothes hangers on nights out.

  • Big Belly Thornfrog Bombadier

    He's the loyal companion of a Superhero. When in danger, it produces a huge amount of mucus he splurts out from his belly button.

  • Fluffo the Barking Meatball

    Imagine cousin It after getting a perm. Now add a worryingly long tongue, and you have this beauty.

  • Pedro the Ripped Pirate Pelican

    The most narcissistic pelican you can meet. He tends to pick fights with carrots bigger than him.

  • Claud the Tripping Chameleon

    His motto is "we don't make mistakes, we just have happy accidents with the wrong kind of mushrooms".

  • Matsu the Procrastinator

    No one knows what he's procrastinating, nor what he's waiting for. Some say what he's smoking brings him back to the 70s.

  • Kevin the Rascalshroom

    He used to be a good boy, until he failed his business economics exam. Now he robs banks.

  • Mike the Wobbling Fanplant

    Because of his constant wobbling, he throws up a lot. The kind of friend you definitely don't want as a wingman at parties.

  • Herbert the Beach Fighter

    He lived most of his life as a shy nerd. Now that he's retired, he moved to a tropical island and turned into a gym rat.

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